Planning Bathroom Renovation? Here’s How Long Its Going to Take!

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Your bathroom is among the most important spaces in your home.

Besides kitchen, the bathroom is one such location where you spend quality time relaxing after surviving a tough day. It’s highly likely that you expect your bathroom to be fully functional at your hour of need. You would certainly hate it if you had to run into any inconvenience.

A bathroom which is not in good condition can often give you the blues. In fact, it can make your good day completely non-productive. And you of all, don’t want to experience that, do you?

If your bathroom is not in top shape, then it’s about time to get your bathroom a remodel.

But how long does it take to remodel a bathroom? You may ponder.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, an average bathroom remodel job can easily take up to 24 working days. This can turn up a notch if there are other unforeseen requirements.

For instance, your bathroom might require a new plumbing system. Maybe, the workers working on your bathroom project may fall into some illnesses and take a day or two off. Just to be on the safe side, at Blue Rock Remodeling, we ask our customers to give us at least 3-4 weeks to complete the project.

If you’re wondering what factors determine how long a bathroom remodel can take, well here’s an article that is going to educate you on everything regarding bathroom remodels & what goes into it.

What Factors Determine How Long a Bathroom Remodel Will Take?


Scope of Project – Among the most important factors that will determine how long a bathroom remodel job is going to take is the scope of the project. There are several things that go into a bathroom remodeling such as the tile works, the ceramics, the bathing area installation and bathroom vanities. And let’s not forget the appropriate plumbing work! All this amount of work requires considerate time.

Material Availability – Another factor that plays an important role in deciding the time required for a bathroom remodel job is the availability of the material. It is not uncommon when certain materials run out during a bathroom remodeling job and therefore, hiring a bathroom remodeling & renovation expert gives you an edge here. They have contacts who can bring necessary materials on demand.

Unforeseen Repairs – Many homes dating back to medieval times or vintage collections often develop structural problems. A sturdy wall may appear good from the outside, but might be deteriorating on the inside because of mold infestation or rot. Such unforeseen repairs often get skipped during the inspection phase and may appear later on which adds a few additional days to the project timeline.

What Are Some Additional Factors for a Bathroom Remodeling Job? 


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as there are other additional factors to be considered. These factors help bathroom renovation experts provide a much reasonable estimate on how much time will be required to completely overhaul your bathroom. Some of these important factors are as follows:

  • The relative size of the bathroom.
  • The amount of exterior demolition required.
  • The usage of existing plumbing lines.
  • The complexity and availability of chosen material
  • Coordination of trades people involved.
  • Unforeseen events & circumstances.

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Planning to Start Your Bathroom Renovation Journey? 

At Blue Rock Remodeling, we are passionate about crafting bathrooms that reflect your unique style and needs. We take pride in using the latest and most innovative products to transform your bathroom vision into a tangible reality. Our approach is personal – we take the time to understand you, enabling us to recommend the most suitable products that will bring your dream bathroom to life.

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